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Glass breakage in agriculture and the construction industry is a major problem, often leading to unexpected expense and down time in replacing windshield glass one or more times per year or season.

Now there is a simple, cost-effective solution – TRACTOR GUARD! Launched for the first time in the United States by U. S. Farm Innovations, Tractor Guard provides an affordable, durable and hassle-free solution to virtually eliminate issues associated with broken windshields on farm road clearing equipment. Having won the Farmers’ Guardian LAMMA 2012 first place for the most innovative farm invention, (UK’s leading farm machinery equipment and services show), patented Tractor Guards are made of clear poly-carbonate similar to police riot shields according to Lyle Silbernagel, owner of U. S. Farm Innovations, the exclusive North America distributor. Tractor Guards are 200 times more impact resis- tant than glass and are weather and UV protected. They are custom fitted to any make and model of tractor, farm equipment, or ATV.

UK’s leading farm equipment and services most innovativefarm invention (Farmers Guardian LAMMA first place award)