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Disc Mowers Breaking Tractor Windows? - US Farm Innovations

Disc Mowers Breaking Tractor Windows?

Disc mowers breaking tractor windows have been always been an issue. Until now.


Disc mowers breaking tractor windows is nothing new. Disc mowers have now been around for a quite a few years and all of them seem to at some point break windows.


Farmers and manufacturers have been built expanded metal window protectors to try to prevent this, but it’s not an end-all solution. The problem with the expanded metal is if the expanded metal is too big, rocks can still get through and break the window and if too small the operator can’t see through it. Expanded metal window protectors also depreciate the value of the tractor as well as preventing the operator from opening and closing the window and or doors. The driver can then be trapped in the cab. Fixing or replacing a tractor window can be expensive, cost down time, and become a safety factor.



It is common for a farmer to break a window on the first day or even during a demonstration of the disc mower to break a window or door. When this happens nobody is happy.


The Solution.


Tractor Guards have now been in North America for over five years and have saved many broke windows and doors. Over 7,000 Tractor Guards have been sold. Tractor Guards are affordable, hassle-free solution to essentially eliminate issues associated with broken windows from disc mowers, cutters, shredders, balers and anything else that breaks windows on the farm or in construction.

Tractor Guards are made of a high impact (200 times more impact resistant than glass) patented clear polycarbonate material. They are also UV protected so they are not yellowing. The guards are held in place with a heavy duty bungee cord and the suction cups act like a shock absorber and or spacer. The guards will take about ten minutes to install the first time they are installed as the bungees may need to be adjusted but after that, they are a two minute installation and removal.


The Tractor Guards are custom fitted to all makes and models of Tractors, farm, and construction equipment.


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